Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tradition, SCHMadition...

Hey everybody!

Every couple we photograph asks us if they should see each other before the wedding. The truthful answer we give every time is that we would never make a couple see each other before the wedding if they didn't want to. Then, we give the pros of seeing each other before the wedding:
1) The bride is typically a ball of nerves on her wedding day, and the fact that she can't see the person who keeps her grounded adds to wedding day stress.
2) The tradition behind waiting to see the bride is based on when weddings were arranged. Pretty sure nobody's backing out of our current day weddings.
3) We can do ALL the formal portraits before, and spend more time on couple portraits.
4) The bride and groom can get the party started as soon as they head back up the aisle - a definite gift for their guests to not make them wait.
5) It gives the bride and groom a real chance to spend time together on an otherwise crazy whirlwind day. They can pray together (some couples even take communion during that special time) or just chat with their best friend.

Anytime our couple sees each other before the wedding, Meredith and I make it a point to create a special moment for the bride and groom. Here is Luke and Lauren's in a multiple exposure shot of the couple. I love the sun flare that came into the shot.

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