Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zelda Steps

Hey everybody!

Three or four years ago, I coined a term that has since become almost a daily use in my vernacular: "Zelda steps."

As a child, I used to play the game, "The Legend of Zelda" for hours and days at a time. I truly believe that it helped my little kid brain become the puzzle solver it is today.

Since the original Zelda game, which I beat, I finished every Zelda game for Nintento, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Game cube. Each game made me smarter. They forced me to pay attention to detail and, more importantly, not cut corners. That's where Zelda steps come in.

Zelda steps are little things you must do in a particular order. Like, in order get this done, I must first do this; and to do that, I have to do this other thing first. Et cetera.

I love and hate Zelda steps. They're often so tedious that it's almost maddening; however, when accomplished, the victory is much sweeter knowing that it was done correctly, without cutting corners, and with every detail attended to.

So, if you hear me mention Zelda steps, you know exactly what I'm referring to. Feel free to use this in your own conversations so that, one day, it'll get put in some dictionary somewhere. :)

Talk to you soon,

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