Monday, May 30, 2011

A Heaping Pile of Good News!

Hey everybody!

There is so much I wanna say tonight! The last few days have been a filled great news. I thought I'd start a list...

~~I got to take Ellie to see the President today. We spent a lot of time talking about what his message was, and what it meant for her hometown. (More in this in the earlier post) My favorite shots weren't of him inspiring and encouraging my hometown. My favorites shots were of him laughing with us, and hugging us. That's a president worth loving.

~~My lovely wedding couple from Saturday's wedding posted this at their reception. Meredith and I were totally shocked by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Sullivant and Mattiza families. I'm humbled and honored to work with such amazing people and friends.

~~Remember the post for my grandma? Well, it has spread all over (you can see it in the Kansas City Star here), and has spread some GOOD! Two of our facebook friends held blood drives in their towns in Grandma's honor - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I haven't followed up with one of them yet, but I know that one of the drives had more than 150 people give! Speechless.
In other grandma-related news, they found her body (they misplaced her, sadly) and we have the services set. I'm so happy that prayers were answered and my mom and uncle, along with the rest of the family, will be able to have closure.

~~Since I posted Clothes for Chloe, I've received emails from readers all over the US offering help. Some are sending clothes, some giftcards, some checks... all for Tom and Emily and Chloe. I am SO TOUCHED by all of your generosity. TO MELANIE, STEPHANIE, ANDREA, JAMIE, NANCY, and NICKI (sorry if I've left off names, it's late! :) - know that I appreciate you!) I know that the family will need a lot as they piece together their life after losing so much.
I got this from one reader...

(reprinted with permission) "we did manage to run to wal mart and grab a few girlie things as well- hair accessories, some socks,
colored pencils, flavored chap-stick etc. my little one (alexandra age 8) is insistant about giving this little girl her notebook and a giga pet that are hers (she had used about two pages of the notebook but she bought it with her own money as well as the giga pet)~ although not new, it's from the heart and the meaning behind means more than if it was in a package still. lol..."

~~Finally, PRINTS FOR PURPOSE is going well! I've personally received a couple hundred dollars in print orders that I'll be donating to the Joplin Red Cross. Furthermore, other photographers have posted it on their blogs as well (example here, here and here).

I feel so blessed to have loving friends and family, as well as loving and loyal blog readers. Even when life gets stinky... LIFE IS GOOD. LOVE Y'ALL!

Stay Strong,

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