Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grade Card Time: 2011 Goals/Resolutions

Hey everybody!

I know there are a few days left in 2011, but that's close enough to figure out how I did on my 2011 Goals and New Year's resolutions I made back in January.

1) Read 3000 pages. DONE! My favorites from the year are definitely the Hunger Games series!

2) Write 300 pages. 1/2 done - dang! I do have my book available in the iTunes iBook store, but I haven't written as much as I'd hoped. Looks like this one is getting carried over to 2012.

3) Be more efficient in business. DONE! We've revamped a couple key elements in our business that make us even faster on getting you images quickly, fulfilling your orders quickly, and working smarter instead of harder.

4) Book 30 weddings. DONE! We booked 37 weddings this year - kind of a lot, but not too much to make us go crazy. :)

5) Cook my way through a cookbook. DONE! I changed this one so that I could learn a wide variety of cooking styles. I have ready Tom Collichio's Think Like A Chef which was really great and taught a lot and had some great recipes. I recommend it!

6) Blog every day of 2011. DONE! (I promise, the last few days of 2011 there WILL be a fresh blog post - haha!) On Jan 1 I will have blogged for 1096 days in a row. Whew!

7) Be published on 3 national wedding blogs. DONE! Click here to see all our features this year.

8) Go to a country I've never been to. DONE! I went to Ghana this year!

9) Go to a state I've never been to. NOT done, but close... I'm going to New Orleans, LA, on the 14th.

10) Stay under 170 lbs. DONE! I'm currently still at my wedding weight: 158-9 lbs!

I give myself a "B+" for this. Maybe an "A-" :)

How'd you do? I'd love to hear!

Talk to you soon,

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