Monday, June 4, 2012

Chelsea's Fayetteville Couture Bridal Session

Hey everybody!

Today we're kicking off Chelsea Week on the blog. And we're starting things riiiiiight with some really fab couture bridal portraits. This bridal portrait session is a little bit different from what we typically do with brides, as Chelsea (who has some exquisite taste, by the way), took part in describing what she envisioned for the session. We love when our brides take an active role in their session planning!
During the planning, I knew this was going to be a lot more work than our traditional bridal portrait sessions, as there was more setup involved, more lighting involved, more equipment involved, and more time involved. And since this is a one of a kind bridal session, we decided to create a new concept for this type of session: the Couture Bridal Session. Sounds fancy, right? Well, that's fitting, because Chelsea is pretty fancy! (though, I have to add that she's even sweeter than she is fancy!)
The results of the Couture Bridal session... the fruits of our labor if you will... are below. I could not be happier with how her gorgeous bridal portraits turned out!

Some INSANE gold and ivory wedding details are coming to the blog tomorrow. You'll wanna see this!

Talk to you soon,

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