Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Superthoughts: Rejection

Hey everybody,

Nobody loves getting rejected. In the business of wedding photography, we deal with rejection: maybe a bride can't afford us, maybe she can't change her date for our schedule, or maybe our style isn't what she had in mind (I'll be the first to admit that we are not for everyone - and sometimes my personality is too upbeat for people). We shoot 30 weddings a year, and normally get 100+ inquiries. So, there is definitely rejection.

I hate that some people don't like me (I think everyone who works for me, including myself, are huge people pleasers!), and I hate that some people don't book us, especially after we are Facebook friends and I see their super fabulous wedding on Facebook (and sometimes... accompanied by bad wedding photos).

Dealing with rejection is hard for all of us, regardless of our job. I've been cheated on, broken up with (once, and it was AWFUL!), turned down for scholarships, and all sorts of other forms of rejections. It never gets easier, and it always sucks... Like a black cloud that hovers overhead.

It's during these times of rejection (and any other dark-clouds moments) that we need to embrace the following quote/lyric from my favorite musician, Jason Mraz:

To help me get through hard situations in my life, I have a secret weapon: Ellie. That kid can brighten up my mood even in the midst of a deadly tornado that destroys our hometown. When I see her face, it's like the world fades away and all that remains is her. Her smile can melt any hurt, and as they say... Turn frowns upside down.

Have a look at Ellie's recent dance performance at Joplin's 3rd Thursday. Don't worry, you'll spot her.

Just look for the girl who is smiling ear to ear, like she could burst into laughter at any moment.

Talk to you soon,

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