Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bonnet Island Estate Wedding Reception of Jon and Dorothy

Hey everybody!

Before we get into the reception story, can I brag a second on Dorothy's wedding party? These ladies were SO fun, didn't mind my crazy dancing (they may have even encouraged me a little), and we had the BEST time all day long!  Dorothy's sisters are dolls, and if I don't photograph both of their weddings, I'll throw a fit!  Carrying on, I love these coordinating dresses!

Now, on with the show!

Dorothy and Jon OWNED the dancefloor.  The band played Dorothy's list to perfection and the party stayed hopping all night long!  I never do this, but after our time was up for the night, Dorothy invited us to stay and hang out... and we DID!  I think we've done that maybe once or twice ever (shooting on your feet all day is grueling), but I didn't want to leave this party... or this couple!

Isn't the Bonnet Island Estate such a fabulous place for a wedding reception?!

It fills me with such happiness to think that Dorothy and her dad shared so many wonderful emotions, moments, and memories on Dorothy's wedding day. I hope they both cherish this image forever!

After cupcakes and a little playful behavior, Jon and Dorothy had a real, lovey moment!

Don't think for a second that Dorothy and Jon's wedding posts are through.  We've got one more surprise for Dorothy, Jon, and everybody else tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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