Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little Rock Country Club Reception of Taylor and Brett

Hey everybody!

I'm picking up where I left off yesterday... just look at these soft and sweet details! The flowers were divine, and everywhere I looked I saw beautiful things!

Before we went in to the reception at Little Rock Country Club, we grabbed a night shot of our couple with Little Rock behind them! One of my favorites!

I really loved their first dance. Taylor and Brett are equal parts fun and sweet, and so was their dance.

I can't say enough about both Brett and Taylor's moms... truly Southern ladies at their finest! They adored each other, and we adored them!

Haha... selfie time.

Then it was time to party! This was a huge dancing crowd, which always makes the night so fun!

Most good parties end like this.  Haha!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for their beautiful portraits, y'all!

Talk to you soon,

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