Sunday, February 1, 2015

Off To Nashville!

Hey everybody!

I'm off to the Music City... Nashville, for Imaging USA! It's one of my favorite cities in the world (one of only a few places I could ever live!) and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with some of my photographer friends, eating yummy food (Nashville is one of my favorite food cities too!), and shooting.

Yes, shooting. I think it's important for photographers to stay inspired by seeing new things, or old things in a new way. One of the best ways to do that is to create personal projects for yourself. I'm in the midst of such a project right now, which I am excited to share with you all soon!

Also, we're revamping our approach to our kiddo photography, and we're shooting with one of my favorite families in the entire world (who are moving to NWA soon! Yay!). Stay tuned for that! I think y'all will really love it!!
Here's a shot from our last session... aren't they a model family?!

Talk to you soon,

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