Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blackboard Grocery in Fayetteville

Hey everybody!

Before I moved to Fayetteville and because a full-time photographer, I taught high school journalism, English, and college photography. One of my very favorite students (who actually may not have been a student of mine, but he sure hung out in my classroom a lot) was Taylor MacFee. He's the sweetest, coolest fellow and he and his girlfriend have been busy! Not only is he the bassist for Never Shout Never, they have opened a specialty grocery store on Dickson here in Fayetteville. I've been stopping in for delicious espressos lately, and grabbing some pantry items from local vendors!

And you know my love of cheese.  They've got the good stuff, y'all!

Head over and grab a beer, a sandwich, a coffee, a breakfast burrito... I mean c'mon! What a gorgeous space and great premium selection!  {{note... they didn't pay me a penny to do this blogpost! they're just awesome people who are doing some good downtown!}}

Talk to you soon,

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