Monday, August 15, 2016

Selfless Love, or... How do I pump gas?

Hey everybody!

When I was in high school, I heard a story about one of my female teachers who had recently lost her husband. I remember them telling me that she had never pumped her own gas into her car and, in fact, didn't know how.  I remember thinking how odd it was that she, at such a mature age, didn't know something so basic (something I had already been doing for a year or so). Of course, when she was younger they undoubtedly had full service stations where gas station employees pumped it for you.  But they haven't been around in decades.

And then of course the obvious set in.  She had been taken care of selflessly by her husband. While my fellow classmates sort of gawked at her not knowing how to pump her own gas, my heart swelled up.  What an incredible man she must have been married to... he always made sure she was taken care of, and they never took trips apart from one another. Of course, while they were together, he always did the serving for her. That's such a beautiful sentiment that takes years upon years, decades upon decades of being consistent and serving to his bride.

I'd love a love like that. I'd love to serve someone is such a way. Not to belittle or keep her from learning, but to know that she had someone on her team who is always ready to go to bat for her.


(and just because I don't wanna post a blog without an image, here's a sweet one... of a couple who recently celebrated an anniversary and I didn't get to congratulate them that day)

Talk to you soon,

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