Friday, November 4, 2016

Photographer Tutorial: Studio Anywhere

Hey everybody!

A little know-how can go a LONG way on a wedding day.  Today I want to share a quick trick I used for Justin and Ryan's wedding to create a make-shift studio for the bridesmaids pictures (and the getting dressed photos.)  When the planner from Pop Party in Dallas told me the bride would be getting dressed in a less-than-inspiring conference room, I put on my thinking cap and took a quick stroll through the venue to find a location with better lighting. I walked in to this room and found my solution.

Placing the bride near the white curtain resulted in some harsh lighting coming in from the window.  However, I had my assistant pull and hold the semi-sheer white curtain out to cast a shadow on the bride, but just a light white shadow.  The result was exactly what I had pictured, so I placed each bridesmaid with her for their quick, easy, perfectly-lit portrait.  Check them out below (literally didn't have to photoshop a single thing!). ***photographers: want more tips? I've got 200 of my best tips in my book, 5 Minute Fix 

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